Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I Am in a Bit of two Minds


I haven't given lots of distances or road conditions or other handy cycling hints because if you are interested in this sort of thing you probably know as much as I do.  I took an old Muddy Fox mountain bike frame with slick tyres and the original 20yr old brakes and gears.  I did this as much for sentimental reasons, it was the same bike I used 20yrs ago on my first trip to India, as for the practical reason that it is a tough bike but not worth much.  Gear was reduced to the absolute minimum of 9kgs and I bought 1 or 2 things on the way.  Water is available anywhere, accommodation is still as hit and miss as ever.  Some of the best places were cheap, some of the worst places were not.  Some of the cheapest places were OK some of the most expensive were dire.
My longest day was 185 kms and the shortest 32 kms.  It rained, I got sunburnt.  Veni, vidi, I was conquered (again).


I like this picture.  I'm an atheist, but when I see things like this little temple in the middle of the fields I am moved by it.  There is no earthly reason to build it there.  It is not close to anyone's home.  It is not on the way to anywhere.  It is not even big enough to provide shade.  Yet it is important enough for someone to look after it and to pray at it.  Someone who has an eye perhaps on the bigger picture.

A shrine in the middle of the fields.