Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Start of the Magical Mystery Tour.

It's the start of the magical mystery tour.  I had forgotten about how the simple things here can sometimes be so difficult.  This is not a complain but an observation.  I really do like it here.  Anyway, I have got my bike back.  It was simple if a little long winded.  I waved goodbye to Achille, my taxi wallah, who still can't believe I am going to try to get to Kolkata on a bike and set off into the early morning light.
Hyderabad is hosting a world conference on Bio-Diversity soon.  So to celebrate they have built lots of lovely new roads.  It will soon be possible to whizz from the airport to the best bits of the new city in total air conditioned oblivion to the state of the rest of the place.
Benefiting from these new roads I was able to swoop into town at 35kph and get lost in record time.  Much pointing, arguing - between taxi drivers - and time later I found my route through the to other side.  40ks done 72ks to go, a piece of cake!  The ride to Aler was not too difficult yet it was relief as I hove into town.  Town: that is a misnomer.  I might be being harsh in the place but I can't think why they bothered to put it on the map.  2ks of dusty shops and chai stalls and no accommodation.  I set off to the next town which was not on the map but might have lodgings.  It didn't.  Nor the next, so I ended the day with 190ks on the clock in Warangal with a very strong desire to sit down.  My hotel is ultra simple but clean and friendly.  They said I could leave the bike in the yard outside but when I came back from supper it was in the corridor next to reception.  It seems that the "geary-cycle" can still fascinate after 20 years.

Today I have been out for a ride for an hour, to get some of the cramps out of my legs.  The town of Warangal is easy to navigate and has some great rock formations in the middle of it.  The roads are diabolical in places and the traffic frantic but I am getting used to the Indian style of driving.  I've even started going the wrong way round roundabouts and cutting junctions like the locals.  It is totally against nature but because everyone does it, it's actually safer and easier.  All the reception staff agree that the way I want to go is not a good way, as there is no accommodation.  I am loath to change my plans but it might be inevitable.  I need to think about this before I set off again tomorrow.

Strange Fruit.

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