Saturday, 29 September 2012

What a 'Kin Morning I've Had.

What a 'kin morning I've had!  Best start of the day yet.  I was up with the lark, on the correct road in 10 minutes and heading out of town.  The road was gently undulating as usual and I was determined to keep the speed down so as not to get too tired too quickly.  Then BANG!  Rear tyre blowout.  Not a puncture, but destruction of the rear tyre.  So 20 mins of repairs (much sticking tape and strapping) later it's back the way we came and looking for a tyre shop. I almost immediately find one open and with a tyre that would fit my bike, but the bloke insists it is no good and shoos me away.  The tyre was ideal and I try to explain but he's not interested so I slope off to look for another shop.  I also check out the bus and the train stations.  I have just missed the morning bus and the next one is this evening which is a possibility.  The morons at the railway station say 4am but it is not very clear so also a possibility, but less so than the bus.  You see I have spent 5 days travelling now and I am only 200 kms from my start point despite the 550 kms cycled.  So its off to the coast and sandy beaches for me.  I want to eat fish and have a swim at the end of the day.

Yesterday someone asked me what is different about India when one comes from Europe and I have been thinking about this question ever since.  There are the obvious things like the climate, the people, the food and the scenery, but why is it so very different.  What is it that makes Europe so clean and so organised?  And what is it about India which makes it the total reverse?  I suppose the answer can only come from the people themselves.  I see brand new buildings sitting in a sea of filth and desolation and nobody seems to care.  Have we legislated our way to cleanliness or is there a real aspirational difference. If any of you know I would love to here from you.

Beautiful Child.


  1. Thank you Andy, for letting us live vicariously through your blog... just reading the latest posts out loud to Yann and both crying with laughter...
    GOOD decision re the beach! you won't regret it. But for gods sake dont stroll on beach in early morning without your glasses on (I'm sure you know that already). Can you take in the sun temple Konark en route? fabulous...
    RE the difference... its got to be mentality I think. is that a mentality that can and will change with legislation/education/increase in GDP.. I guess so. But its very very interesting to hear that things have not changed all that much in 20 years.
    Bon courage for tomorrow. get to that coast asap and then you'll know which way is up... just keep the ocean to your right!!

  2. Coucou, mon héros!

    Bon déjà, j'avais écrit un long commentaire qui a disparu avant qu'il ne soit validé, dont de rage j'ai tout fermé !!!

    La reprise de mes cours d'anglais avec mon prof préféré, est plutôt hard !
    Je crois que ces mois passés en Amérique du Sud y sont pour quelque chose !!!

    Bon en plus, quand je vois les commentaires de ma "voisine du dessus" (Harriet" en parfait anglais .... no puedo escribir en ingles !!

    Je suis en retard sur mes cours, la semaine a été un peu mouvementée, et notamment jeudi ont eu lieu les obsèques du père de Karine.

    Je dois aller faire un peu de peinture dans un appart qui vient d'être libéré ce matin et la nouvelle locataire arrive demain.

    On pense bien à toi
    Profite un max!

    On t'embrasse