Tuesday, 25 September 2012

OK you Lucky People.

OK you lucky people here is the second update of the day.  Today has been a difficult day for me.  I have been taking to some of the staff of the hotel I am staying in about my proposed route.  Once past the disbelief that I would want to do this in the first place and I am coming to understand this feeling, they don't think I will find places to stay going the way I propose.  Or that was the situation until the oldest (and the wisest?) said otherwise.  The conventional wisdom is that I follow the main roads down to the coast and on to Kokata, but I always wanted to go through the hills and forests inland.  So decision time.

I am going to go the way I wanted and head to Jagdalpur.  Worst case scenario is a 209k day (gulp) or a night without a hotel.  If this really is not possible and no fun, I will cut east to the sea and be sensible.  So tomorrow is the big day again with an easy 80ish ks then another day the same and then the third day will be the decider.

Morning scenery.

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  1. Hi Andie,

    I've already tried to post a message and I don't think its worked, so apologies if you receive multiple posts from me.

    Its great to read these installments from the FarSide. Tricky decision for you re your route. I've done that journey by bus (admittedly 16 yrs ago) but there was very little there as far as I can remember. My advice would be go for the coastal route, although I know you wanted to get off the beaten track.

    Everybody missed you at the sunday-morning-bike-ride-and-bar-session. Yann said to tell you Jacques was a star (despite not feeling very well). We spent a lovely sunny afternoon with your beloveds - all well.

    Take care and best of British with your amazing adventure. Looking forward to reading the next installment.

    lots of love from Yann, Harry, Louis and Vic